Peter Crouch: Harry Maguire may have been a target from the moment he touched down

Unfortunately, life is different once you wear the shirt of the Three Lions.



Going out is a problem for footballers. If you play for England, you’ve got every pair of eyeballs in the country on you at all times.

That makes it difficult to go away on holiday and do normal things. I heard someone saying Harry Maguire should have had security with him, that’s how difficult it can be.

I don’t know the ins and outs of what happened, but if you’re the Manchester United captain and play for England, you’re going to be a target unfortunately.

That’s the nature of the world we live in.

I can only equate it back to what I was like when I was playing for England. Sadly, you’re not the same as every other 25-year-old. You have to pick and choose your places, it can put you off going out entirely.

The moment the Manchester United captain touches down in Mykonos, the whole island knows he’s there, and something you have to deal with.

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Southgate should have picked Jack Grealish

I love Jack Grealish as a player. I can’t really understand why he’s not in the England squad. The season he’s just had definitely justifies his selection, even if just to have a look at him and see what he’s like around the place.

It seems like, sometimes, his reputation precedes him, but in football terms there aren’t many English players who have had a better season than Jack.

He’s so talented. I believe he could play for any of the top teams, he’s that good.

He can play for anyone he wants to.


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The latest football odds are on now