Placing bets is easier than ever with Paddy Power News’ live odds banners

Paddy Power News' coverage of the biggest sporting events - and snooker - is getting even better with our brand new live odds banners


If you’re reading this you probably know that Paddy Power News is chockablock with great tips and coverage of the top sports events. And you might be stunned to learn that we think we’ve made it even better, but Self-improvement is Paddy’s middle name.

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Well, technically it’s Paddy Tonton Zola Moukoko Power after a “hilarious” Cheltenham escapade ended with a legally-ratified name-change – you’d be surprised how many Passport Contol officials are old-school Championship Manager aficionados.

Spiritually though, it’s Self-improvement. Just look at the sleek new mobile app redesign we rolled out last week, for example.

Pretty, pretty spiffing if I do say myself.

And don’t forget the literally unlimited amount of free live racing that’s now available to stream on site. Woof.

You’d think we might sit back and think that’s enough for now, we’ve really smashed it with those and can take the rest of the year off, but you would be wrong. Very wrong.

Because now we’re making it even easier for you to make some absolutely cracking punts because we’ve added live odds banners to the Paddy Power News site that will take you directly to and stick the bet you want onto your betting slip automatically.


Can it be real? Surely this is some sort of voodoo is at work here?

I can assure you that no dark spirits were invoked in the creation of these live odds banners – we leave all shamanic practices at Power Tower to days when Frankie Dettori’s won the first four races on the card.


With our new banners, whenever Matt Chapman drops some knowledge about the 2:50 at Chepstow, or our brain-box traders flag up a fab football wager, we’ll have the latest odds live on Paddy Power News in every tipping piece and you can swiftly slip over to to snaffle the value.

Here are the odds on David Luiz to sign for Tottenham – why not have a punt on that (if you’re barmy)?

Football is back! Hallelujah! Get the latest odds at

And the improvements don’t stop there – we’ll be rolling out some special bets from our traders exclusively to  Paddy Power News readers in the coming weeks to celebrate, keep an eye out for those.

So why not check out our extensive racing and football coverage as sport gets back rolling and try out our betting banners for yourself.

And even if all your bets don’t win, at least you won’t be burdened with a Football Manager legend’s name for the rest of your days.

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