Indykaila: Barca plan to cut Pogba from United tangle

Our latest inside scoop from Indykaila comes thanks to overheard conversations in one of Manchester's most respected barbershops...


With the summer transfer window about to close for English clubs, transfer news is coming thick and fast from Indykaila sources around the country. And while Chelsea are spending big to ensure they can compete with their rivals for the top 4, we understand that Man United are more preoccupied with trying to keep hold of arguably their biggest star as opposed to further strengthening their squad.

I should have known better than to leave one of my mobile phones in my car while I attended a very important business lunch in Liverpool this week, because when I got back I had no less than 20 text messages and multiple voicemail messages from one of my Manchester sources, eager to pass on the news they’d obtained which could break United hearts.

It comes on good authority that, despite the complaints from Jose Mourinho in recent weeks about the need for more players and the fact that rival clubs are “buying everybody”, Man United are at risk of losing their prized asset, Paul Pogba, to Spanish giants Barcelona!

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This particular source of mine, who owns a barber shop for the rich and famous in Manchester, has told me that he was visited by an extremely well-known football super-agent this week and overheard a multiple conversations between the agent, his client and a club representative thought to be from Barcelona.

“The guy barely let his phone leave his ear, which makes it difficult to cut hair!” my source advised, before giving a bit more valuable insight. “He was obviously Italian, gesturing frantically with his free hand as he made promises to his client that he would get the deal done.”

But it was what came next that was particularly interesting.

“After hanging up one call, this guy was immediately on the phone again. This time it must have been to a club because he was saying how they must show his client more love than what he is currently getting and they need to show him the respect that he deserves. He was saying that he knows the club already has some world class players but they need Paul in the middle of the park to make the team tick.”

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While my source cannot remember the conversation word for word because he was concentrating on cutting the perfect short back and sides, he said that the rather rotund Italian man was very vocal about his client’s current manager not playing a style of football that brings the best out of him, that his client feels he made a mistake in returning to the club and that they are going to request a transfer and do all that they can to make the move happen.

Unfortunately, this particular agent did not take too kindly to my source stopping mid-cut to send me a text message and stormed out of the shop without paying! It’s such a shame for my friend who has undoubtedly lost future business, however, like all of my sources, he is willing to make sacrifices in order to assist me in staying ahead of the pack with transfer updates.

A quick Facetime between myself and a friend of mine who polishes the silverware in the Nou Camp trophy room revealed that Barcelona are serious with their interest and want to bring Pogba in to rekindle his midfield partnership with Arturo Vidal, who they signed recently.


She confirmed media reports that Barcelona are hoping to include players as make-weights in negotiations to keep the price down are true, and that the club has been encouraged to bid by the players advisers.

Whether or not the Catalan club can get the deal done for Pogba remains to be seen, especially given the fact that time would be against Man Utd to find a suitable replacement. But one thing is for sure, Indykaila sources are the most reliable around and they’ve confirmed that interest is genuine from both Barcelona and the France international, meaning Red Devils supporters have every reason to be very concerned. has the latest football odds for the new season

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