Kolo Toure’s Twitter annihilation of Piers Morgan makes us love him even more

It was a star studded Twitter exchange lineup. Olly Murrs, Toni Kroos and James Blunt all featured......


Ok so this is how it’s started – in a nutshell. Are you ready?

Piers Morgan was giving Olly Murs shit for making people unduly panic for what went on in Oxford Circus on Friday, saying he needs to be more responsible with what he tweets if he has millions of followers.

James Blunt then pitched in having a go at Piers who thought it was a LOL moment that Piers was telling somebody else to be responsible about what they publish. This post was then liked by the professor, Toni Kroos. Piers then told Kroos to get lost and stay out of it. So he did.

But then, like a classic, last ditch, headless sliding tackle, Kolo Toure comes out of nowhere with a ‘Shut the fuck up’ to Piers.

Piers came back with a real bullet to the heart to Kolo saying Yaya is a better footballer than him, which we all know is pure rubbish. Kolo Toure is the GOAT.

Kolo comes back with a classic – a question followed by a reiteration of your original slag.

But then Piers hits him low again. Taking a pop at his weight. We all have our struggles Piers.

Kolo then nets a worldie with this tweet and finishes the game – a face slag followed by a reference to yourself in the third person. Game over Piers, nothing is stopping that.

Piers then went on to question his retirement. Whatever Piers.

He then questioned whether Kolo’s account was real and apologised to Yaya. Who cares! It’s exactly what Kolo would’ve said even if it was him.

We’re just waiting on Toni Kroos to come back from his lunch with Ana Ivanovic to respond. And then Mario Ballotelli and JK Rowling to get involved.

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