Watch: Team concedes three goals by refusing to play following late penalty

The keeper even turns his arse to the penalty for good measure

We’re never afraid to go down a footballing rabbit hole for our readers here at Paddy Power, but Vietnam’s V-League is a new one – even for us.

With just a few minutes left on the watch, Long An were defending their goal from a Ho Chi Minh City cross – with the game finely posed at 2-2 – when the madness begun.

The cross was cleanly taken by their goalkeeper, but a Ho Chi Minh City attacker took a tumble under pressure in the box and that prompted the referee to award a spot kick. Not happy with the decision Long An’s squad protested it furiously, before deciding to down tools altogether.

Their first act of defiance came as the kick was taken, with the keeper turning his backside to the resulting penalty. Then they left in two more uncontested goals to have the game end 5-2.

The protest has been condemned by the Vietnam’s sports ministry and Long An are expected to be heavily punished for it. Their club chairman has also reportedly fell on his sword over the incident, despite having nothing to do with it.

Was it a penalty? Judge for yourself below:

What do you think?