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Prove just how smart you are with the almost impossible WWE Royal Rumble Quiz

This is by far the hardest WWE Royal Rumble Quiz of all time. We're confident you'll never hit 10/10 first time round...


There’s a hell of a lot of pride on the line for all you WWE know-it-alls out there and now you can finally prove it. We’ve slaved for hours over WWE Royal Rumble history and created a quiz so notoriously hard that even the biggest wrestling nerd would be stumped. Can you prove us wrong and get 100 per cent on our ferociously difficult WWE Royal Rumble quiz? We’ve compiled some of the toughest questions from all 30-man Royal Rumbles since 1989 (not including the 40-man event in 2011) to put even the shrewdest WWE fan to the test.

Prove you’re the top dog in the business ahead of this Sunday’s main event right here.

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