Black Friday: Paddy Power predicts record-breaking, supermarket-rowing day of shopping

Apologies for being the 5,978th person to bring up ‘Black Friday’


The American phenomenon of making Christmas shopping even more stressful by cramming it into a single day known as ‘Black Friday‘ takes place tomorrow.

Or, as blokes have referred to it for years, Christmas Eve.

But Friday is expected to be the busiest and most lucrative shopping day of the year, as shops and websites across the country appear to slash prices to produce mind-boggling bargains and some bloody disturbing behaviour.

We make it just 11/2 that we’ll see news footage of shoppers fighting in supermarkets over Black Friday bargains – though who are we to judge when there’s a twelve pence saving on bleach on offer?

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It’s also 10/1 London’s Oxford Street being forced to close due to overcrowding; and that shopping website – who are at least partially to blame for Black Friday’s popularity – crashing (10/1).

But, despite the potential downsides, many Brits and Irish are big fans of the day, and we reckon the sales figures will reflect this – quoting 25/1 that Black Friday registers as the biggest spending day in UK history.

And we’ll even go 200/1 that Black Friday is made a UK national holiday by 2020.

Asked for his thoughts on Black Friday spokesman Paddy Power said: “In the last few years, Black Friday has been absolute carnage for bargain hunters, with disturbing footage of fighting shoppers emerging quicker than the latest must-have deal on offer.

“Some people apparently really love it, though. Then again, some people love the Lib Dems, cats, and Marmite.”

Black Friday Specials

11/2       News footage to emerge of supermarket fighting
10/1       London’s Oxford Street to be closed due to overcrowding
10/1 to crash
25/1       Reported sales figures to make it the biggest spending day in UK history
200/1     Black Friday to be made a UK national holiday by 2020

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