Welcome to the Green Room: Paddy Power and Ivan Yates team up to take over your telly

Move aside Tubs, Paddy and Ivan are here.


Paddy Power and Ivan Yates are teaming up this week to take over the airwaves with our new show The Green Room, a new type of sports show designed to inject some fun back into sport.

TV will never be the same again and we’re going all in with a Christmas Special this Wednesday at 10pm on Virgin Media One. We have plenty of special guests lined up – but in the spirit of Christmas we want them to be a surprise, so tune in to find out who’s on!

“On a normal TV show the green room is where all the fun happens,” Ivan explained, “It’s where all the drinking, gossip and craic takes place… so that should tell you that it will be a different type of programme.

“I want it to have the relaxed but fast-paced vibe of the Graham Norton show. By that I mean I want booze on the tables. I normally have a drink on a Friday night so I don’t want that tradition interrupted.

“The best thing is, if you’re a fan of the Late Late, you can watch us first for a faster pace of the very best stuff, then watch Ryan drag the arse out of it for the next two and a half hours.”

“In my experience you’re only as good as your production and editorial team. So let’s get this straight…

Paddy Power are a bunch of wackos. Thinking differently is their USP at the end of the day.

“Paddy doesn’t know it yet, but he will be the my glamorous assistant – in a Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee sort of way. Joining Paddy and Ivan will be Niamh Kinsella and impressionist Conor Moore to take an alternative look at the big sporting news of the week, every week.

If you’re tuning in to get the results of an important match, you might want to go somewhere else, but if you’re after a bit of light-hearted sports related fun you will definitely find it here.

“I find that a lot of sports journalism has become more intense, serious and even righteous” Ivan added. “I get the passion people have for their football teams — but on a Friday night you want to be entertained.”

We’re kicking things off with a Christmas Special on Wednesday 23rd on Virgin Media One from 10pm before seamlessly transitioning to our new regular weekly slot on Friday nights at 9pm.

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