Mum-of-two nets £1.2 MILLION Monster Jackpot win with £4 punt on Paddy Power Games

Well, now, that's quite a big win


The story goes there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow – can’t say I’ve ever stumbled across one myself, though I tried to persuade every small ginger bloke I meet to stump up the goods – but one extremely fortunate flutterer on Paddy Power Games this week tripped head-first into a treasure trove to the tune of £1.2 million playing our Daily Jackpot slot game – and all for just a £4 stake!

Yes, you read that right, £1.2million from a £4 punt! Pot of gold? Sounds more like a dumper truck stacked with bullion to me.

Play for Daily Jackpots – and win – on Paddy Power Games

The lucky lady, from the “the beautiful, scenic town of Warrington”, took Paddy to the cleaners for the seven-figure sum by knocking off the Monster Jackpot prize, and has the life-changing prize deposited in her bank account already – no point in waiting around, is there?

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The full-time mum-of-two was spinning on one of our daily games, ‘Rainbow Jackpots’, when this gargantuan prize dropped – think you’re special, Jose?

£1.2m is special.

So special in fact that at first, this wily wagerer refused to believe it was real:

“I was in total shock and still am,” she told us once she’d descended back to earth. “I had to ask my partner who was in the room at the time if it was in fact a real win. When the balance updated and the win finished, it then really started to hit home that it was real. You get so anxious and just find it hard to believe!”

Well, you can believe it now – we’ve even got video footage of the win!

The newly-minted millionaire only started playing Paddy’s slots in February this year.

“I saw one of your funny tv adverts around then and decided from there to register.”

I think you can take that as a compliment for your comic timing, Jose, just don’t let it go to your head, yeah?

“I’d only ever played bingo online before, but I only really like slots to be honest and I’ve really enjoyed playing on Paddy Power since joining.”

She now has over one million reasons to like Paddy even more, and has already started making plans for her windfall.


“I’m definitely getting a new house, I have two young boys, and they will be so excited! I turn 40 in October so I guess we will have a bigger than expected party then too! Not sure what else from there but this will give so much comfort to us.”

You’re welcome.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m off to work on that leprechaun trap. I think it could be worth my while…

Play for Daily Jackpots – and win – on Paddy Power Games

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