Finders Keepers: Dublin punter wins 50,000 quid with our cash-drop promo

Who wouldn't like a few grand just dropped into their account? Well, for this PP customer, it was more than just a few...

Finders Keepers Paddy Power


Jaysis, free money, eh?

You wouldn’t say no to £5 if it was offered to you gratis. But when you add four zeroes after the five, that’s when things start to get a bit tasty.

And on Friday night, an Irish Paddy Power customer was lucky enough to savour the delicious sensation of finding 50,000 quid in his online account. All Ian from Dublin had to do was login and, hey presto, there it was waiting for him.

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Talk about that Friday feeling.

We had a chat with Ian after he claimed his winnings, and he told us he’d been a PP loyalist for several years now. Audibly emotional, he let us know it would mean a lot to him and his family, and the money will go to good use paying off some lingering bills. No, we’re not crying, there’s just something in our eye – bit sandy in here, isn’t it?

Ian also said he couldn’t quite believe it when he saw the cash in his account, at first concluding it was an error with the app as a result of his phone having been on the blink for a while, before contacting customer support to get the good news. Not to worry, mate, you’ve plenty of quid to buy yourself a nice shiny new phone.

So, fair play, Ian. Pints on you this weekend.

Oh, and as for the rest of you lot, don’t forget Finders Keepers is running every day until March 11th. Click the banner below to find out more…

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