Manchester punter bags £30,000 with Finders Keepers promo

All he had to do was log in...


Our Finders Keepers promo has proven wildly popular, and this time around we ended up making several people – and one in particular – very happy indeed.

Ten customers had £30,000 cash – the amount was a celebration of our 30th birthday, for which we also launched a Museum of Mischief – placed randomly into their accounts but didn’t claim the amount. Deary me!

Still, kind souls that we are, we left £1,000 in each of their accounts, along with 100 free spins each.

We then went as high as £60,000 on the final customer, David from Manchester, who didn’t initially claim the money despite placing two bets on the Southampton game ten minutes prior to the cash being dropped into his account.

So we left £30,000 in the account overnight, which was eventually claimed the following day.

We spoke to David, who told us he was shocked to have won, especially since he ‘has never won anything more than a bottle of wine before’.

He’d been looking back through his account history before noticing the balance and, being aware of Finders Keepers, guessed (after a bit of Googling) that he’d been the beneficiary of the promotion.

David also mentioned he’d been planning to get a new car, but will now be setting his sights higher than previously, and also plans to invest in a new set of football boots.

For the rest of you, don’t worry. Finders Keepers will return in the future!

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