New App, New Ad! Our TV tribute to Paddy Power’s IT superstars

Success isn’t earned these days, it’s bought. So to make our App top of the league, we threw a shedload of cash at our IT Team...


Now that Dry-ish January is over, most people have finally stopped saying ‘New Year, New Me’ – simply because the vast majority of them are back on the Big Mac Meals for breakfast and the Gin & Tonics for lunch. But here at Paddy Power, we haven’t given up so easily on the self-improvement. We’re not saying we’re better than you – although, actually, on reflection, that’s exactly what we’re saying.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we recently launched a new app and renovated the site in order to start 2018 with a bang. The updated app gets you where you need to go faster than a Russian watersports enthusiast locked in a hotel room with a high-profile American entrepreneur.

So, to mark the occasion we’ve released a brand-spanking TV advert to celebrate the makeover. As part of the ad, we decided to pay tribute to the talented men and women who worked so hard on designing the newer, better products. After all, it seems only right to give our IT superstars the recognition that their skills deserve.

Take a look:

To find out more details about the new app and improved user experience, click here.

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