Donald dumped? Odds slashed on Trump remarrying after bizarre ‘Melania Body Double’ conspiracy

Is it her? Is it not? We don't know, but our traders think Melania could become an ex...


Donald Trump has sparked huge debate online again, this time over whether he used a body double to stand in for wife Melania during a speech on the South Lawn of the White House yesterday.

And our traders have reacted by offering odds of 33/1 that the President confirms that the ‘impostor’ was indeed a stand-in.

They’ve also moved to slash a series of Trump-related specials online, including:

  • Trump’s marriage to end before his Presidential tenure, 11/4 (26.7%) from 5/1 (16.7%)
  • Trump to remarry for a fourth time while President, 10/1 (9.1%) from 16/1 (5.9%)
  • Melania to leave Trump THIS YEAR, 12/1 (7.7%) from 16/1
  • Melania to be deported, 66/1 from 100/1

We also quote 8/1 (11.1%) that Melania is found to be living with another man during Trump’s first term.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “It looks like a case of Donald Dumped, if the conspiracy theorists are anything to go by – and you know he’s one himself.

“He won’t take lightly to being Trumped, if he discovers that Melania is living with another fella – a man not shy of over-reacting, could you really rule out him deporting his own wife? Exactly.”

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