Paddy’s Hall of Fame: £2 acca lands £4,493… but it could’ve been £28k!

Paddy took a hit at the weekend on a stonking sevenfold winner from Saturday's racing - but it could've been a whole lot worse if one more leg had clicked


Ah, the racing’s back. It’s summer, the sun is shining and there’s a flurry of flat-racing to follow as we look towards Royal Ascot this week.

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It’s great – unless you’re Paddy getting caught by a sevenfold stinger on a Saturday afternoon.

One very sharp customer knocked us for seven across Newbury, Doncaster and Sandown on the weekend at odds of 2,246/1 – and they could’ve ramped up their winning on this parlay eightfold if one more leg had come into a mammoth £28,636!

That was a close call.

It all started with Edmond Dantes going off at 10/3 and winning in Newbury in the 1:15, before the Seventh Kingdom won comfortably at Doncaster 25 minutes later.

This pair of winners were joined by Morisco winning back at Newbury in the 1:50, before Well of Wisdom at 9/2 edged out Tomfre in the 2:05 to bring home the first Sandown success in this smashing sevenfold.

Lazuli delivered in the 2:40 at the same course, before Danyah at Doncaster and Franconia at Newbury made is seven winners for our plucky punter between 1pm and 3pm on Saturday afternoon.

It beats watching Norwich v Bournemouth on a lunchtime, that’s for sure. The tiny stake on seven winners paid out a cracking return of £4,493 – and now a few shops are open again you can spend it on more than groceries and hand-sanitiser.

But it could’ve been even sweeter for the latest Paddy’s Hall of Fame entrant is Taawfan hadn’t been edged out by Manigordo in the 1.30 at Sandown at the start of this epic run of winners.

The return for all eight picks making it to the winner’s enclosure would’ve been a gob-smacking £28,636.

Better luck next time.

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