Darran O’Sullivan: Diarmuid Connolly confusion is ideal for Jim Gavin

Darran O’Sullivan looks back gleefully at the win over Dublin and feels Jim Gavin must have a reason for not putting the Diarmuid Connolly issue to bed…


If anyone said they didn’t enjoy Kerry and Dublin, they’re lying.

There were good scores, a bit of aggro and it had a bit of spikiness to it. For neutrals and GAA fans in general, it’s good for them to see Dublin getting a bit of a beating because they just look so invincible.

They’ve been cruising through the National League with half a team at times and half the amount of training. It’s good to see one of the supposed ‘also rans’ to be the team that does it. It gives a bit of hope for other people.

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It’s impossible not to help your buddies in a schmozzle

Nobody wants to see fellas falling over each other and throwing digs at the end of a great game like what happened on Saturday night. But, emotion does get the better of fellas.

If one of your buddies hits the deck, you want your friends and teammates to fall in for you.

I know it’s not great to look at and I know it’s not the right thing to be saying, but it does show a lot of togetherness by both teams that nobody just walking by.

They all wanted to get in, whether it was to pull a fella out or to stop it. These things happen in GAA.

It suits Gavin to give noting away on Connolly

I believe the Diarmuid Connolly issue is ideal for Jim Gavin.

The team are after losing two National League games and there’s no talk about it. It’s all about Diarmuid Connolly and the attention is off how the team are doing.

From Connolly’s point of view, (whether he is coming back or not) it’s probably not a great situation for him. It’s brilliant for Gavin and the team though because it shifts the focus from them. They don’t want the spotlight on them.

If Connolly coming back, he’s a fantastic footballer who would add to any group. If he’s not though, I can’t imagine this is too easy for him. He’s probably trying to avoid people and correct these stories, he’ll want it nipped in the bud.

I don’t reckon Jim Gavin is too bothered about it all though. If they wanted this story stopped, it would have been addressed already.

The fact that it is still rumbling on means either that it hasn’t affected them too much or that they want it to continue on.

Dubs shouldn’t see Croker as home

Dublin played Galway in the National League in Croke Park and it looked dead. There was no atmosphere there.

I’ve played League games in Parnell Park and the buzz was fantastic. Some will go on about there not being enough tickets, but not everyone should get tickets. You have concerts these days and some people miss out on tickets.

I would be like Kerry to be playing every game that they have in Killarney and knowing that they’re not going to have to travel.

I’ve been in quarter-finals at Croke Park with a small crowd and it’s so bad that if you do something good in the game you can hear the mother and father cheering you on.

You want to feed off a crowd and have a sense of occasion and you don’t get that in Croke Park when it’s not full.

It is an unfair advantage for Dublin to play all their games in Croke Park though. People will claim that it’s not an advantage, but it definitely is. I just don’t think it’s fair.

Sad to see the state of Cork football

I haven’t had a chance to read the five-year plan, but the fact that Cork have one is positive.

The Rebels are at their lowest at the moment though. It’s sad. They put big bucks into a stadium that is letting them down.

The likelihood is they might not get to a Munster final this year. There’s literally no excuse for it and Cork shouldn’t be under-performing consistently like this.  You can blame whatever you want, but they had an awful lot of underage success not too long ago.

Where did all those players go?

It’s so hard looking at it from the outside to understand how Cork have gone backward, and so far backwards at that.

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