Football Tips: Sunday’s 7/1 treble from the Premier League’s 2pm games

Paddy Power News tipster Andrew Cunneen separates the wheat from the chaff on Sunday.


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Sunday, Funday, amirite? Jesus, that sounds like something Justin Hawkins from The Darkness would have written back in the day. Forgetting I ever said that, and absolutely forgetting that I went to see Downton Abbey instead of watching Real Madrid v Man City during the week, let’s sharpen our focus on the weekend ahead.


Thankfully the Premier League is in full throttle and the new trend of a slateful of Sunday afternoon games continues. With three 2pm games for us to ponder, let’s get down to business and dig out a tasty treble.

*A treble with these four bets pays at approximately 7/1 with Paddy Power. CLICK HERE TO ADD IT TO YOUR BETSLIP.

Arsenal v Leeds – Leeds and the Draw

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In the immortal words of David Brent, ‘Leeds are doing well.’ Except, well, they’re absolutely not doing well whatsoever. But cometh the hour, cometh the weird glitch that exists in the perfectly-planned tapestry of footballing form – Arsenal on a high.

Leeds might seem in a slump but it’s worth adding some context. Before that hammering by Manchester City, they were unbeaten for five games, including three victories. Arsenal might be on a three-game winning run but they’ve not kept a clean sheet in any of their last six and they don’t have a consistent enough goal scorer to make that work.

That, and the fact they seem to be content with their long-term future after giving Mikel Arteta a new deal. As we know, as soon as there’s an ounce of optimism, it goes Pete Tong. I’ll take Leeds and the Draw Double chance here.

Brendan Rodgers

Leicester v Everton – Both Teams to Score

Neither of these two can defend and one of them has just been stung by a Jose Mourinho side in Europe. That’s a lot of built-up frustration and I, for one, am here to witness this absolute madness unfold before my eyes.

Everton have been taking a measure approach in the build-up to this fight against relegation, feeling as if they can take a point here and there to make up for their defensive shortcomings. But it’s going to be much harder to do that now when there’s a tangible gap and a game in hand on the table in front of them.

They need to win that one, but in order for it to matter, they’ll have to keep tabs on Leeds in order to get there. I think they’ll be going all out, and we’ve seen where that’s landed them in the past. It’s Both Teams To Score in this one.

Norwich v West Ham – West Ham to Win

I pondered this over and over again in my head. I never know what to do with West Ham because they’re frustratingly inconsistent.

But coming off a night where their manager has had a barney with a ballboy, where they feel hard done-by and will be bitter to their core, it feels like a canary-shaped punchbag will suffice.

Norwich are the most toothless side in the league and I can’t get away from the idea of backing them to lose a game of football because of that. West Ham to Win rounds us off.

Sunday Premier League football tips

Arsenal v Leeds – Leeds and the Draw
Leicester v Everton – Both Teams to Score
Norwich v West Ham – West Ham to Win

*A treble with these four bets pays at approximately 7/1 with Paddy Power. CLICK HERE TO ADD IT TO YOUR BETSLIP.


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