Full Tweet W*nkers Special: Custis loses plot after Abrahams/Murphy jibe

The man from the Sun went spare following a phone-in on which there was some fairly harsh criticism of Newcastle...


We passed up the opportunity to put out the bog-standard Monday afternoon Full Tweet W*nkers partly because of a strange lack of the usual suspects saying and doing stupid things on the social medias, but also because something was brewing over on the timeline of an FTW favourite.

When not loudly venting his frustration over on Twitter dot com about not being invited to events, complaining about customer service or just generally shouting at clouds, Neil Custis is a journalist at The Sun covering Manchesters United and City.

But, despite being tasked with keeping the public abreast of Mancunian football fortunes, Custis is in fact a Newcastle native. And he wasn’t happy in the slightest following a discussion on TalkSPORT radio between Ian ‘Moose’ Abrahams and Danny Murphy that focused on his fair city and its noble football team.

Suffice it to say that Custis was, understandably, not particularly happy with these takes, and he didn’t hold back when it came to letting the offenders know how he felt:

You can’t really blame Custis for letting loose. Newcastle is a city unfairly targeted in some sections of the media.

At least he didn’t get personal…


Tell us what you really think, Neil!

In the meantime, Luke Edwards got involved:

It was hard to pick through Abrahams’ response to the widespread criticism, as he tends to flood his timeline with messages like, “Happy 37th Birthday to former @FulhamFC and @LFC full-back @JARiiseOfficial hope you had a great day my friend”. We’re not sure why, but maybe it has something to do with the above two tweets from Custis.

Still, there was some remorse shown, which must be commended.

Unfortunately for the Moose, that wasn’t enough to placate Edwards, who did indeed end up on TalkSPORT defending the honour of Newcastle:

All things considered, this was wonderful stuff all round.

Proof once again that Twitter dot com is the best website around.

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