Kyle Walker trolls Dele Alli after middle finger incident on England duty

Alli could be facing a ban, not that Walker seems to care...


While England predictably disappointed everyone in their 2-1 World Cup Qualifier victory over Slovakia at Wembley, it was Spurs midfielder Dele Alli that grabbed all the headlines in today’s papers.

Alli could be brought up in front of the dreaded FIFA disciplinary panel after he was pictured flipping the bird during the game, but the Tottenham man claims the gesture was meant for his former club teammate Kyle Walker and not referee Clément Turpin.

Asked about the incident England boss Gareth Southgate said the duo were just “mucking about” and after all he’d know better than anyone, remember THAT Pizza Hut ad?

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The consequences for Alli’s jovial act could be very severe for the youngster though, as he could face a four-game ban similar to the one Lionel Messi received for abusing officials in Argentina’s qualifier against Chile in March. Although the Barcelona man did manage to have that suspension overturned because of a lack of evidence on appeal.

But, does the supposed target of the middle finger Walker seem to care that Alli is facing a spell on the international side-lines? Apparently not!

The Man City defender took to Twitter earlier this morning and he couldn’t help himself, taking the p**s out of Alli with a Mr Bean inspired tweet. Check it out for yourself below:

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