Look at this ticker showing how much Neymar is earning, and make yourself feel utterly miserable!

How many shit haircuts, tacky diamond earrings and super cars with blacked out windows and mirror-finished paint jobs does one man need?


£26,780,000 a year, £2,232,000 a month, £515,000 a week, £73,571 a day, £3,065 each hour, £51 a minute, 85p a second. That’s what we’re talking about here folks, the mind boggling sums behind Neymar’s (alleged) salary at PSG.

But here at Paddy Power, we’re not content to just let you look at these static numbers on a page. Oh no, we want to really rub your noses in it and bring this sorry situation to life.

Since you've been viewing this page, Neymar has earned...
He could have bought...
0.00   Freddo Bars
0.00   Loaves of bread
0.00   Big Macs
0.00   Sky Box Office Supscriptions to the Mayweather McGregor fight
0.00   Paris Saint-Germain season tickets
0.00   Bugatti Veyrons
0.00   Kyle Walkers

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Even if you lived and worked to the age of 100 you'd only earn of what Neymar will take home in just one season at PSG.

Christ! Whilst Neymar gets to spend his days hanging out with Marco Verratti and Edinson Cavani, you are forced to spend your days listening to Julie from accounts talking about her swollen ankles again, and having Jeff from the warehouse recount each of the 9 times he’s managed to block up the staff toilet.

Surely there’s only so many shit haircuts, so many tacky diamond earrings and so many super cars with blacked out windows and mirror-finished paint jobs that a man needs?

Neymar, you rich Brazilian bastard. We hate you secretly wish we were you.



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