Didi Hamann: Wales concern for Bale’s suspension after Coleman’s injury has me lost for words

The Reds legend has his say on the storm that followed Seamus Coleman’s horrific leg break

Seamus Coleman is a huge loss for both Everton and the Republic of Ireland. The main thing will be now to see how he comes back and when he returns.

The question will be how he recovers psychologically from this injury. I’m not sure if he’ll have seen the images, but they’re pretty scary really. I saw one still of the incident and I was physically in pain for Seamus looking at it, it’s just a dreadful incident. I really hope he comes back 100 per cent after it.

The referee let the game go too much between Ireland and Wales on Friday night. I’m always one to say ‘play advantage’ to let the game flow because you can bring it back for the foul a few seconds later, but it was shocking to see what happened.

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There’s no excuse for those challenges really. You can mistime them and I’m not saying either Bale or Taylor are dirty players, but they obviously have that in them.

Defending the tackles is one thing and I’ve absolutely no time for that argument. But, the reaction of the Wales camp wanting to appeal Bale’s yellow card – to even mention it after the game and have the audacity to want to do it – following what happened to Coleman a minute later had me lost for words.

All their talk should have been used to just send best wishes to Seamus and not thinking about Bale being out of the Serbia game. He quite rightly suspended and he should probably miss one or two more on top of it after what he did to O’Shea because I’d have definitely sent him off.

Maybe some of the pre-match comments about Bale triggered something in him to go in very high. If he’d been red carded for it Seamus probably wouldn’t have been badly injured after that.

I’m no angel, I’ve done one or two bad tackles in my time – other players have, but there’s hundreds of footballers out there who’ve never made one. I don’t believe for one second Bale went for the ball against O’Shea because if he did he would have caught him on the foot, not halfway up his leg and that’s why he needed stitches.

You just can’t say ‘they’re not that type of players’ because if they were not like that they wouldn’t have made those kind of challenges in the first place.

I don’t believe you should ban players for the length of time the guy they hurt is out for though – that makes no sense.

As much as it was a terrible tackle – and it was – I don’t believe for a second Taylor intentionally went to break Coleman’s leg. I’d give Taylor three or four games because that’s probably four to six months of a ban at international level anyway.

That should be a sufficient ban, it shouldn’t be any longer than that…

What do you think?