Watch: International goalkeeper has the exact reaction you’d expect to an own goal

It didn't help that he'd pulled off a fairly decent save in the build up - but at least it gave us a good laugh

We’ve all had this reaction. Whether it’s been on the five-a-side pitch, the moment your phone runs out of battery at 3.30pm in the afternoon, or when you saw the US Election results.

It’s the classic, ‘Oh f*ck off’ reaction, and you can’t beat it. It’s a cracker.

On Saturday evening the Antigua-Barbuda Under-20 goalkeeper nailed that reaction. His tone, level of exasperation, and passionate outburst ticked all the boxes, as Mexico bagged their second goal in the first 15 minutes on the way to a routine 3-0 win. The fact that he finishes it off with a swift boot to the post only earns extra marks on our side.

It’s not the funniest thing you’ll see all weekend, but it may give you a chuckle as it’s a reaction we can all relate to. Turn your sound up and enjoy!

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