Will Mexicans build American wall in USA clash tomorrow?

Trump promised it on the border, but will one be erected on the pitch tomorrow

Ahead of the USA vs Mexico football match in Ohio tomorrow, the timing of which is uncanny given Donald Trump’s election, we’ve priced up various specials inspired by recent events.

Given Trump’s incredible election vow to build a wall along the US and Mexico border – a comment which has obviously angered a lot of Mexicans and we’ve given odds of 4/1 for – there could be some protest against his Presidency during the fixture.

We make it that the Mexican team will refuse to build a wall for a USA free kick – sending a message to the Donald that he won’t find it easy to make Mexico to build his infamous wall for him.

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Even if that would be a similarly baffling defensive strategy.

The bookie also prices up Trump being spotted in the crowd for the game () and you can get Mexican sensation Carlos Santana singing the American national anthem pre-match at .

Asked about the USA v Mexico showdown Spokesman Paddy Power said: “Donald Trump has probably spoken more about the Mexican wall than Team USA’s set pieces coach.

If I were in that Mexican side, I know I’d refuse to build a wall – whether that be for a free kick or a Soviet-esque barrier – regardless of what the President-elect is Trumping on about.”

“All in all, he’s just the biggest pr*ck of them all.”

USA v Mexico specials

Evens     Any Mexican player to hit the wall with a free kick
10/1       The Mexican team to refuse to build a wall for a USA free kick
20/1       Trump to be spotted in the crowd
25/1       An American goal scorer to pull up their jersey and reveal an image of Trump
50/1       Carlos Santana to sing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ before the game
100/1     Pink Floyd to perform ‘The Wall’ before the game

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