Punting Hall of Fame: Life’s a beach for one lucky punter who won £2.1 million on Paddy Power Casino

One lucky spin has triggered the biggest Jackpot in Paddy Power Casino history - so we caught up with the multi-million pound winner

One Paddy Power Casino customer took a lucky spin on Beach Life and pocketed £2.1m over the weekend

This is what she said when we caught up with her after her record-breaking win

PP: Well CS, first off a massive congratulations from all of us here at Paddy Power. You are our biggest ever Jackpot winner on Paddy Power Casino – £2.1m. Wow!

CS: Thank you so much. Wow is right. I’m just in shock really.  I don’t know what to say!

PP: Don’t worry, that’s totally normal! Well let’s try this – How does it feel to be a millionaire?

CS: It’s surreal. I’m in complete shock. I haven’t told anyone yet, I’m that nervous. For a few minutes a day I think “My God, I’m a millionaire”, but then I just go back to my daily routine and try forget about it until I have time to sit down and really think about it.

PP: Incredible, I don’t think I would be able to keep it in. I’d rent a double decker bus and have myself an open top parade around the city with a megaphone.

CS: Oh no, I couldn’t. I told my parents I won some money and that’s it. I want to really think about what I will do, how I will use the money to do good things and then set myself up.

PP: OK, that’s probably a better plan. Speaking of which, what are the plans for the money?

CS: Well, I think one of the first things I will do is buy myself a house. I’ve always wanted to own my own home and I’ve been saving, but now I can buy a house with no mortgage. It’s incredible really. Then I will treat my family and friends and my parents. I will then give some money to a charity that’s close to me. But I am determined not to let the money change me. Just offer me and my family financial security.

PP: That’s brilliant! They are great ideas for the money and really well thought out – no room for a double decker bus though?

CS: No, unfortunately not. I may get a new car, but not a bus!

PP: That makes sense. So let’s talk through the win. You’re playing beach life on Paddy Power Casino, you’re spinning away, and then you hit the jackpot. Can you tell me how it happened?

CS: So I was at a friend’s wedding at the weekend, and I had gone back to the room at the end of the night. It was lashing rain so I just decided to pass some time by giving the slot a few spins. I had won a few bonus rounds and increased my spin up to £10 for a few spins. I then hit a bonus round and I won £50k! I couldn’t believe it. I was celebrating as it’s by far the biggest win I’ve ever had! Little did I know though, that bonus round had also triggered the Jackpot, which I didn’t know about until later.

PP: Wait, you’re saying when you won the £2.1m jackpot, you actually thought you had just won £50,000?

CS: Yes! I was celebrating the bonus round win and didn’t even realise the jackpot message. It wasn’t until the funds hit my account the following day that I saw so many zeros on my balance that it hit me. So I was stressed thinking about what I would do with £50,000, not £2.1m.

PP: Amazing. You were the talk of the office that morning. There is such a buzz here when we have a big winner. Did you ever honestly think you would win a jackpot?

CS: Honestly, no. I hear about big winners a lot, and you tell yourself that the game has to pay out a Jackpot at some stage, maybe today it will be me. But deep down, you just hope to hit a nice bonus round. I had a vision in my head at the start of the year that I would win £50,000 on a Jackpot slot game. Then when it happened on Beach Life I thought “Wow – I predicted this!” I didn’t however predict I’d win the £2.1m Jackpot!

PP: Would you think of yourself as a lucky person in general?

CS: Well, I do actually. Not financially with wins or anything, but I’m lucky in other ways. I have my health, I have my two loving parents, I have great family and friends and to me that’s hugely important.

PP: That’s such a fantastic view of luck and really well put.

CS: It’s really important to me and that’s what I think about luck. If I can play some slots and then take care of my family and friends, I must be very lucky now.

PP: Indeed! So apart from slots, is there anything else that tickles your fancy?

CS: I used to play a bit of Bingo and I bet on a few horses now and again. For me it’s just a pastime and a bit of fun. The thrill of winning is great but I just do it in my downtime after work.

PP: Speaking of which, probably no need to head back into the office tomorrow now is there?

CS: Haha, well I’m actually not saying anything to work and I’m going to work up until Christmas. My plan is to then head off traveling around the world and maybe treat a friend to it also. Buy two around the world tickets and head off.

PP: I’m going to pretend I’m really happy for you and not jealous at all…

CS: Well, even saying it out loud still sounds surreal. I couldn’t have imagined being able to do this last week. I’m now thinking about what else I can do with it!

PP: Well, we crunched some numbers for you actually. As the Olympics is currently underway, you could actually hire out the entire 78,838 seater Marcana Stadium that will house the opening and closing ceremony in Brazil for just you and your family and friends.

CS: That’s insane!

PP: OK CS, it’s been a pleasure to talk to you today about your incredible win. From all at paddy power, we wish you all the success in the world with your win and may you have a blast planning for the cash.

CS: Thank you Paddy Power! May I say that you guys have all been brilliant since the win and so helpful. Even offering financial advice! It’s been the greatest weekend of my life.

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