Eurovision odds: Who are the favourites to win 2023 Eurovision Song Contest?

The early money has been going on Sweden but Finland aren't far behind.

Eurovision 2023


Eurovision 2023

The 67th Eurovision will take place in Liverpool this year. The UK didn’t win it last year however, it was another country starting with U that did; Ukraine won it by 165 points. Kalush Orchestra came out on top with a song called ‘Stefania’, a folk-rap song that wasn’t awful in fairness.

Obviously with the on-going Russian invasion of Ukraine, the event cannot take place in Kyiv so this year’s event is being held by last year’s runners-up, the UK. The powers that be have decided to hold this year’s event in Liverpool, in the swanky Liverpool Arena.

The final takes place on Saturday, May 13th with the usual semi finals occurring on the 9th and 11th where we’ll have the qualifiers. Ireland’s Graham Norton is set to host the final, he probably won’t go full Ricky Gervais but let’s hope he takes the mickey as much as he does when he’s doing the BBC coverage.

The current betting odds sees Sweden taking the vast majority of the public’s money, Finland aren’t too far behind in the betting odds with last year’s winners Ukraine followed by Spain, so let’s have a look at the four of these.

Eurovision Betting Odds



Sweden are odds-on at the moment. The song is called ‘Tattoo’ and comes from a lady called Loreen. Fans of the contest may well be familiar with Loreen, she’s been there and done that having won the 2012 Baku Eurovision with a song called Euphoria.

The Stockholm native’s a big deal in Sweden, she made a name for herself after appearing on their version of Idol, has a couple of albums to her name and some awards too. Here’s the song:


Finland loves the Eurovision craic. We all remember Lordi, don’t we? Well, expect Kaarija to perform ‘Cha Cha Cha’ within the confines of a wooden-pallet fence, wearing green puffer sleeves, not much else, and have some accompanying Flamenco dancers. It’s kind of like a NIN song but pop. It’s bonkers and it could well be a hit with the voters.


Four countries have won the Eurovision twice in-a-row; Spain, Luxembourg, Israel and Ireland. The Irish were the last to do it in 1993, and did it on home soil, can Ukraine make it two-in-a-row?

Their song ‘Heart of Steel’ is performed by Tvorchi, an electronic group who have released three albums thus far. It’s a bit more anthemic than their usual fare but with the massive Ukrainian diaspora all over Europe now it’ll certainly be popular with the voting public.


Bianca Palmore’s ‘EAEA’ has exactly what we’d want in a Spanish Eurovision song. Flamenco hand claps? Check. High and emotional wailing? Check. Hand dancing? Check. If this one does win, expect a beat-heavy version to hit the airwaves over the summer.

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