Nick Kyrgios ‘as surprised as anyone’ at finally being right about something

The bad boy of tennis - he once knocked over someone's strawberries at Wimbledon, very naughty - has finally been right about something


In news that has sent shockwaves across the world, tennis’ brashest racquet-breaking rebel Nick Kyrgios has devastated many of his critics by actually making a good point for once.

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Following Novak Djokovic’s revelation that he has contracted the virus during the Adria Tour he arranged during which all precautions around the outbreak were flagrantly disregarded, the outspoken Aussie has been shown to be right in his opposition to the event and tennis’ approach to handling the virus, upsetting years of working on his image as sport’s biggest arsehole.


“Hey guys, I’m as surprised as anyone”, he confessed on Instagram in the early hours of Wednesday morning as the magnitude of what had just happened slowly spread across the world. “Usually, I’m insulting other players, throwing tantrums when things don’t go my way, and generally being as big a dickhead as I can possibly be, so this is really weird.”

“But it feels good. Maybe I’ll try this again some time.”

Kyrgios has railed against the efforts of tennis authorities to return to play despite the on-going pandemic. With the Adria Tour seeing at least four people diagnosed with the illness following footage of players embracing before during and after games, he has now been vindicated.

Reaction to the shocking turn of events ranged from surprise to fear.

“Feel like pure sh*t just want Nick the dick back,” was one response from an upset fan, while others speculated that Kyrgios’ social media accounts had been hacked or darker forces were at work.

“No way this is real #falseflag #5G #covid #radiation #wakeup #chemtrails”

While others reacted fearfully to the news. “A pandemic is sweeping the world, economic turmoil is set to continue for years, and now Nick Kyrgios is right about something. Just can’t handle this right now”

Meanwhile, world tennis number one Djokovic is said to be isolating following his positive Covid-19 diagnosis and hopeful that the power of his positive thoughts can turn water into a vaccine for the virus soon.

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