Guido Fawkes: Post #GE2017 re-cap and why I’m backing May not to be allowed near another election

Guido wraps up the General Election and says May will be out of the door before Corbyn


It’s time for a re-cap. The Tories didn’t win anything like the clear majority I expected, but barring any mishaps with the DUP they will, as tipped, form the next government after the election – just.

A win is a win even if it is by a nose.. If you’ve seen my previous columns, you’ll know that I’ve been being recommending betting against the LibDems on the under/over markets all the way down from seat levels in the mid-30s. If you went with those, you should have done very nicely.

In the constituencies, the Tories did win Stoke-on-Trent South for the first time since World War II and you should have cleaned up nicely on Kate Hoey winning in Vauxhall. If you flipped your bet as advised on polling day to back Chris Bryant keeping his Rhondda seat you will have had a clean sweep.

We’ll have to see if my tips on Tom Watson to be next leader of Labour, now 16/1, and Peter Whittle to be the next leader of UKIP at 5/1 come true. The former may be some time and the latter is now subject to Nigel Farage not coming back for a fifth time.

There is a new market on for who will go first; May or Corbyn.

Back May to go first at 1/12, I’d have laughed at you on Thursday if you’d told me that, but Corbyn is safe until the next election. Theresa May will never be allowed to lead the Tories into an election again…

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