Watch: There was no happier sports fan in the world than Bill Murray last night

The Hollywood superstar couldn’t contain his joy after the Chicago Cubs historic win

This morning Chicago Cubs fans will wake up to a dream they waited 108 years to realise, none bigger than Bill Murray.

Last night’s 8-7 victory over the Cleveland Indians sealed a historic World Series win for the Cubs in Game 7. To make their success even sweeter the Cubs also came from a 3-1 down to take the series 4-3.

The victory sparked wild celebrations on the streets of Chicago as the Cubs finally put the curse to bed and no one was happier than 66-year-old Hollywood legend Bill Murray.

Murray has been an avid Cubs fan all his life, having grown up in Evanston, Illinois just north of Chicago.

It’s fair to say joy was infectious last night and Fox News even let him take over their post game coverage with some hilarious results! Check out some of Bill’s highlights below:

Never change Bill!

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