Church bell-ringers begin double-shifts in effort to end Rubiales’ mother protest

What a ding-dong


Spanish bell-ringers are doing double shifts in an attempt to end the Spanish Football President, Luis Rubiales’ mother’s hunger strike.

Angeles Bejar has been holed up in a church in the coastal town of Motril in protest, following her son’s suspension for kissing Spain’s Jenni Hermoso at the end of the Women’s World Cup Final and drastic action is needed.

MADRID, SPAIN – AUGUST 22: Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales attends a reception to the Spanish women’s national football team at Moncloa Palace after they won the Australia and New Zealand FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, on August 22, 2023 in Madrid, Spain. The Spanish women’s team have won their first-ever World Cup after beating England 1-0 in the final. (Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

With other members of the family having to leave their home’s due to press harassment, this latest incident is a real embarrassment for Spanish football.

The country’s football authority, who is currently missing it’s chief, has been left with egg on its face. A spokesperson told Paddy Power News;

“We have made a horlicks of the whole situation. We now hope we can put an end to the matter as quickly as possible.”

The town’s bell-ringers have been ordered to up their game to try to get Bejar out and we understand the first shift will start later today.

A spokesperson for the Spanish Association of Bell-Ringers told Paddy Power News;

“We got the call from the Spanish FA late last night and we’ve assembled some of our best people, including the 2022 Spanish bell-ringing champion, to try to end the stand-off.

“We are ready to go the distance, so we will see how serious Bejar is. Expect the bells to be ringing solidly for the next 24 hours.”

As the world’s media descends on Motril, a small municipality in Granada, the local townsfolk are obviously concerned. Using an interpreter, one told us:

“How are we expected to sleep with this racket going on. Some of us must be up at the crack of dawn to launch the fishing boats and what about our afternoon siesta? I suppose nobody thought of that did they?

“Why couldn’t they go down the giant paella route like last time,” with another local explaining that:

“A local priest got caught playing away from home and he was so terrified what the husband would do, he locked himself in the confessional box inside the church.

“He was in there for four days with no food, so we cooked a giant paella to try to get him out and it worked.

“He’s now an assistant vice-president to Rubiales in the Spanish FA. Funny that.”

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