Mings stripped of Villa captaincy after admitting he was always Lampard >>> Gerrard

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Tyrone Mings confessed he was always Lampard >>> Gerrard prior to being stripped of the Aston Villa captaincy, Paddy Power News understands.

Manager Steven Gerrard’s decision to relieve the centre-half of his leadership role at the Midlands club has been shrouded in mystery – if you ignore the shambles that was Villa’s defence last season – until now.

But it has been revealed that the 29-year-old defender has long been a Frank Lampard diehard who would’ve left Steven Gerrard on the bench when the midfielders were part of England’s “Golden Generation” team if he were managing the side as a 13-year-old in the 2006 World Cup.

“The gaffer brought in a private investigator as he became suspicious when he discovered a ‘Lampard 8’ Chelsea shirt in Tyrone’s locker during preseason.


“When asked about it, Mingsy said he’d never seen it before and that it must’ve been there from years ago – but rumours among the squad suggested he wanted to get it signed when they play Everton this weekend.” a Villa Park source told us.

That prompted further inquiries by the manager.

“The private eye then dug into Tyrone’s online history and found numerous posts on online forums, including ‘Lampard>>>Jenas>>>>>>>>>Gerrard’ during the 2006 World Cup, that were linked to Mings’ Yahoo email address and Bebo account.”


“He was bang to rights then.”

“The gaffer printed out all the posts – as well as a pic of him in bootcuts and bleached braids from 2009 that made him laugh – and laid them out in the dressing room before training last week. Mingsy didn’t know where to look when he walked in,” our source explained.

“He had no option but to confess. He said Lamps was his favourite player as a kid, that it wasn’t fair to make him choose. Stevie was calming down and listening, but then asked what way Sven should’ve set-up in the World Cup.

“Tyrone just blurted out ‘Beckham Scholes Lampard Downing would’ve been more balanced, gaffer! You know it’s true!’ and Stevie exploded.”

“He flipped over the table, threw the tactics board across the room and told he was out as captain and would be out of the club if he didn’t change his mind – Mingsy then said Michael Carrick was underrated and should’ve been in the team too, after which security escorted him from the training complex.”

Mings will now spend his time washing the first team jockstraps and polishing the manager’s medals in his office while he waits for a better club than Villa to sign him.

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