Forest squad taught the Casper Slide by new boy Jesse Lingard



Reports have emerged from Nottingham Forest that the morale amongst the squad is at an all-time high after the players mastered the Casper Slide dance routine during a training session, taught to them by new boy Jesse Lingard.

Having arrived from Manchester United and coming in as Forest’s top earning player, it is understood that expectations of Lingard from manager Steve Cooper, now known as SCoopz since Lingard arrived, are incredibly high.

It is believed that new dance routines could be taught to the players as often as weekly to build team spirit, with Forest having signed a completely new team since promotion.

“It’s a great way for the lads to get to know one another – kind of like your mum taking those tango lessons after leaving yer da,” a source at the City Ground explained.

“Jesse has come in and made an immediate impact, we all love him,” they continued.

“During his time at Man United he was more famous for doing silly dances on TikTok than for scoring winning goals in an FA Cup final.

“That’s the type of energy we need him to bring here because we won’t be wining much this season.”

And they went on to outline head coach Steve Cooper’s philosophy.

“Yes, score goals, yes get assists, but most importantly – bring those sweet dance moves to the training ground and give the players something to focus on and keep morale up.

“The gaffer’s set some very achievable targets for the lad, demanding 7 assists, 7 goals and 48 dance routines. We cannot wait for the season to get underway.”


With Lingard remaining tight-lipped when approached by local reporters, Paddy Power News did manage to obtain a quote from a friend of the England international who has asked to remain anonymous.

“He’s buzzing to be at Forest where his moves will be appreciated and I’m telling you, Jesse can do it all. Not only will he be teaching the Forest boys routines from pop classics such as Saturday Night by Whigfield and Thriller by Michael Jackson, but he will also be looking at a much wider variety.

“Did you know Billy Ray Cyrus used JLingz as a choreographer during the achy breaky heart years as our boy is an exquisite line-dancer. He can also do the Foxtrot and the Salsa.

“He will of course do that silly Floss dance all the kids were doing a few years back, but he’s already told me he’s most excited about busting out some deeply seductive Magic Mike moves, so watch this space.”

Indeed, a bid for the Strictly Come Dancing 2022 crown can’t be ruled out as the midfielder is sure to want a distraction from Forest’s return to the Championship.

*Paddy Power’s breaking football news coverage is 100% fake news*

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