Rooney v Vardy: Wagatha Christie judge announces trial verdict on her Insta story ​

Only way to do it tbf


The judge in the so-called Wagatha Christie trial has announced her ruling using her own Instagram account.

Mrs Justice Steyn took the unprecedented step of revealing Rebekah Vardy’s libel claim against Coleen Rooney had failed by adding a courtroom selfie to her Insta story along with the caption: ‘It WAS…. Rebekah Vardy’s account’.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 24: Manchester United and England footballer Wayne Rooney (R) and wife Coleen look on from ringside at Manchester Arena on September 24, 2016 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Ben Hoskins/Getty Images)

It’s understood Steyn reached her decision after Rooney’s legal team hired former Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps to retrieve Vardy’s agent’s phone containing crucial evidence from the bottom of the North Sea.

Chants of ‘Rooney, Rooney, Rooney’ erupted among Coleen’s lawyers when they saw Steyn’s Insta story appear online.

‘I’d like to thank me legal team, me hubby Wayne and Mickey Phelps for swimming to the bottom of the sea for the phone’, Coleen Rooney told assembled reporters.

‘Now the matter has been settled by a court of law, we’d ask the media to respect our wish for extra publicity today’, she added.


Rooney will now meet Johnny Depp in the grand finale of 2022’s celeb court battles.

Paddy Power News understands a Vardy associate tried to leak the verdict to a tabloid newspaper before it had been announced following a tip-off from a courthouse source.

Steyn ordered Vardy to cover the defendant’s legal costs and hand over possession of her prized ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ canvas purchased in B&M Bargains to the Rooneys.

Reflecting on her defeat outside the High Court, Rebekah Vardy told us: ‘As my hubby Jamie would say: ‘Chat sh*t, get banged’.

‘Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off home to set up a fake Insta account and send Coleen Rooney a follow request’.

In related news, the Vardys have signed a deal with Amazon to make a documentary relating to the Wagatha Christie trial entitled ‘Rebekah’s Libel Case: All for Nothing’.  

*Paddy Power’s breaking football news coverage is 100% fake news*

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