Tyson Fury’s flabbergasting fightback against the flab

The Wythenshawe wild man’s bidding to continue a spectacular comeback when he fights in LA this weekend having shed almost half his body weight...


Tyson Fury’s beaten all-comers in the ring, taking out 27 of 27 in his pro career, and ending 19 of those bouts by knockout. But has he faced a bigger challenge in his career than the takeaway delivery boy in the last twelve months?

The lanky Manc has seriously cut the carbs from this time last year, when he reputedly topped 400lbs having spent over a year out of the fight game.


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Standing at over 6”8’, he can hide some excess weight on his towering frame, but there was no concealing his bouncing belly and burgeoning manboobs in November 2017, when his fried food feasting and sweet-toothed splurges collected in a mass of fat around his gut.

Famous for press conference jesting, the Gypsy King was kidding no one that he could compete with his opponent this weekend, Deontay Wilder, if he didn’t wipe out the junk from his diet and get on the Rocky IV training regime.

And that’s what he did, with a little help from Ricky The Hitman Hatton, no stranger to a dramatic weight loss himself.


Logging his progress on Instagram the former multiple world title holder knocked 10 of the 28 stone weight from his bones with a ketogenic diet – nope, it’s nothing to do with horse medication.

It’s basically a food plan that cuts carbohydrates out and forces the body to work off fat instead.

He told the Joe Rogan podcast that he was still able to enjoy some of the naughtier stuff though, because he was training so hard.

“I was having tons of meat, fried up, with cheese, mayonnaise, bacon, eggs, sausage. My ideal diet basically. I was thinking this can’t be a diet, I’m not going to lose weight on this, but I lost the weight. I lost it all.”

Giving up a reputed 18 pints per night also helped we’d wager.

We’re so impressed by this feat that we’ve crunched the numbers to break down the scale of Fury’s fat-busting ways

The ten-stone loss is equivalent to:

• The complete Oxford English dictionary

• 1 new born baby giraffe (130 lbs) with an average two-year-old toddler on it’s back (25 lbs)

• 97 Ipads

• 165 cans of coke

• 2,272 human eyeballs

• 14,343 sheets of paper

• 872,144 bees

• 1 Ruby Walsh

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