How to use Paddy Power’s Budget Calculator

The budget calculator will help you work out how much money you spend and where you spend it each month. You may find some surprises.


We ask you to always bet sensibly and within your budget. Gambling is supposed to be fun and should be considered as a form of entertainment like going to the cinema, not as a money-making exercise.

If you think you’re spending too much money on gambling this can affect your mental and financial well-being if left unchecked. To help you work out exactly how much of your income you spend on gambling we’ve created a handy Budget Calculator.

This lets you enter your income streams as well as your monthly outgoings such as rent, bills and loan repayments, as well as how much you spend on gambling.

We calculate these sums to show you what percentage of your income you spend on gambling and how much money you would have left over each month when all deductions have been taken from your income.

If you’re not happy with how much you spend or how much you have left over, maybe consider using one of our handy tools to help you reduce your monthly gambling expenditure.

Always gamble safely and remember, when the fun stops. Stop. Safer gambling means you are having fun and feel in control of how you play. If your gambling is creating financial stress, anxiety, depression, or affecting your life in a negative way overall, then it may develop into a problem.

You can check out Paddy’s guide to sensible gambling, our 7 handy tools, and everything else you need to know about staying in control on our guide where there’s also information about, and links to, support organisations related to gambling.

More information about safer gambling

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