Paddy’s Club Games: Try our NO FEE poker ‘home games’ for you & your mates

100% of the prizepool goes back to the players.

Paddy Power Poker Club Games


Ah, the wonderful world of online poker. Gone are the days of stetson-clad old men named “Doyle” or “Johnny Dice” smoking cigars around a table in abandoned warehouses off the Sunset Strip. Now it’s all about Swedish mathematicians sitting on RayGar chairs in their parents’ basement running 24 matches across six monitors using an algorithm copy-pasted off Reddit.

Glorious stuff, really.

And you too, dear reader, could be part of this brave new multiverse with Paddy Power’s Club Games, a fab feature we’ve introduced aimed at bringing you and your mates together during the lockdown period and beyond. There’s no fee for these games, so 100% of the prizepool goes back to you, the players. That’s not a luxury you’d have been afforded by old Johnny Dice and the lads.

Find more details and registration links over on Paddy’s promotions microsite

Even better, these games are available to play on mobile and desktop, which is not something you’ll find anywhere else.

So, all you have to do is email [email protected] and give us a few details, then we’ll do the rest of the setting up for you.

What info do we need?

  • Date and Start time (48 hours notice is required to set up the tournament)
  • Name of tourney and an 8-digit password.
  • The buy in.
  • Whether you want to allow rebuys
  • Blind speed. (e.g 5 or 10-minute blind levels)
  • Starting stack.

If you’re unsure of any the above, our helpful team will guide you and build a tournament to suit you needs.

Home games have been hugely popular during lockdown – so what are you waiting for?

Full details of Paddy’s Club Games can be found over on our Promotions page

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