Breaking news: Conor McGregor releases MGK diss track ​

They'll be fighting in Vegas by December


Conor McGregor has ramped up his feud with Machine Gun Kelly by releasing a diss track about the rapper entitled ‘I’m Just Martial Artist’.

The pair have been locked in a diss battle since they tried to make the MTV VMAs all about themselves last night.


Dressed in an understated bright pink blazer, McGregor threw hands at Kelly after the 31-year-old refused to have his picture taken with the UFC star.

Paddy Power News understands McGregor left the event early to record his track ‘I’m Just Martial Artist’ which takes aim at the American hip hop celeb.

‘You see, I’m just martial artist, I’m just a regular guy I dunno why all the fuss about me’, raps the notorious one.

‘Nobody ever gave a f**k before all they did was doubt me, now Kelly wants to run his mouth and try to take shots at me’.

‘Megan Fox is in me DMs baby’, signed off the 33-year-old.

Shortly after the incident on the red carpet, McGregor’s Wikipedia page was updated to include the fight as another defeat for the Irishman.

It’s also alleged McGregor initially believed he was throwing punches at Logan Paul.

The Irishman is said to be on the lookout for his next lucrative farce of a fight, and Paul, arguably the second biggest YouTube personality in his family, certainly fits the bill.

Calling out the internet sensation, McGregor tweeted: ‘Let’s give the people what they want. Me and you Logan, hugging it out in Dubai in a $100 pay-per-view event’.


‘Jake or Logan Paul, Machine Gun Kelly, Jedward, doesn’t really matter to me. I’ll fight any one of you for lots of money in a bid to keep myself relevant’.

In related news, grown men are arguing on Twitter about what Megan Fox wore to the VMAs.

The 35-year-old’s barely-there Thierry Mugler dress and bedazzled thong has caused Twitter to blow up with lots of men offering their opinions which absolutely no one asked for.

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