What is an each-way double?

Use our each-way double calculator and understand this bet type properly.

each way double

Each-way doubles are one of those bet structures that many new punters will understandably feel is nothing but jargon. Why do betting sites and bettors have to make everyone so complicated?

Well, Paddy reckons you deserve to know what you’re dealing with when it comes to betting – and this means understanding every bet type in the sportsbook.

This guide will take you through each-way doubles, what they are and how they work. Figure out why punters love them so much and use our each-way double calculator to quickly determine your odds.

What is an each-way double?

An each-way double is a combination of two each-way bets into one. Each bet needs to win in order to secure a payout.

Sounds like a double bet, right? Well, there’s an extra step involved in an each-way double that takes it further than a simple double. Each-way doubles also factor in your selection placing, rather than winning, and recalculating your profit potential accordingly.

How each-way doubles work

An each-way double bet works by combining two each-way picks together into one wager. Remember, an each-way bet is when you split your stake into two, and back your selection to either win or place in a race.

Read more about how each-way bets work here.

So, in an each-way double, you simply link two EW selections together. Here’s an example:

  • Ricky Bobby at 5.00 EW in the 13:25 at Punchestown
  • Annalecka at 3.75 EW in the 13:55 at Punchestown

each way double bet

Here, you make your selections and enter your base stake in the bet slip. Click the ‘Each-Way’ button to make your double an each-way double, which also doubles your stake.

In this instance, then, you’re risking £20 on Ricky Bobby and Annalecka to both at least place in their respective races at Punchestown.

Each-way double calculator

Want to calculate your each-way double bet? The maths gets very tricky because there are varying outcomes depending on the number of places in each race, and your stake.

So, we recommend using the Paddy Power each-way double bet calculator, entering your two selections and clicking the ‘Each-Way’ condition. 

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Each Way
Dead Heat
# Odds Win/Place
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Each-way double tips

Here are a few pointers that our each-way double tipsters hand out when punters are considering this bet option for the first time:

Start small – Anyone betting with each-way doubles should begin small before building up to bigger odds. Backing dead-certs in races to place can be fairly easy. The only reason many bettors don’t plump for the certs is because their odds are small. However, you can still earn a strong return from two dead-certs in an each way double – and your risk remains relatively low. So, look for selections with short odds when you’re starting out.

Follow races live – Check in on a few races from your chosen meeting before you place your each-way doubles. This way you can better understand the going and see how this might affect your picks later in the day.

Do your research – Likewise, make sure you research the heck out of your selections. Each-way doubles can be highly profitable but only if they come good! Steer clear of random picks because they can ruin the good work of your other selection.

Use the each-way double calculator – Use Paddy’s bet calculator to figure out your each-way double before placing it. From here you can better understand if your stake is worth the risk.

Be ready to cash out – You can cash out an each-way double after your first race. This might mean you severely eat into your profit, or you might even make a loss. However, if you don’t feel your second selection will win then there’s no point sticking with the bet. So, always be ready to cash out and channel your winnings into a smarter wager.


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