What does an each-way bet mean?

Paddy's guide for beginners to each-way betting.


What does an each-way bet mean?

With an each-way bet, you are simply wagering on two outcomes on one selection: to win and place. Essentially, an each-way bet can often be a smart way to maximise your potential winnings.

The strategy behind each way betting is that it does, in theory, give you a better chance of landing a successful bet since if your selection doesn’t come first, then you can fall back on the place option to still provide some type of return. Alternatively, if your bet does win then it will provide a handsome profit as the place odds will help increase your overall returns. Horse racing is the most popular option for each-way betting but you can also place each-way bets on golf or other sports like football.

How does an each-way bet work?

When placing an each-way bet, your stake will automatically double as you are betting on two outcomes: to win and place.

For example, imagine you wanted to place an each-way bet on the legendary British-bred racehorse Constitution Hill to win the Aintree Hurdle. Now, let’s say Constitution Hill is at odds of 6/1 to win while he is at 1/4 to place – in this example, that means finishing in either first or second place.

Constitution Hill wins the Champion Hurdle

So if you placed a £10 each-way bet on Constitution Hill to win the race and he did, you would receive a return of £95 with a £75 profit. The breakdown would be £60 on coming first and £15 return on placing, with your £20 stake handed back to you.

How do I make an each-way bet?

Placing an each-way bet is easy and is merely a case of ticking the right boxes once you’ve chosen the selection that you intend to place an each-way bet on. For instance, once you’ve clicked on the odds of the horse, golfer, or sports team that you want to bet on, you will notice an option in your virtual betting slip next to the stake amount that says each way, all you need to do is tap on it, and the each-way terms will be instantly applied.

How does each way payout?

If you’re wondering what an each-way bet is, chances are you are especially trying to figure out how the payout works. To start with, keep in mind that the odds on an each-way finish will usually vary between 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, or 1/5 depending on the number of competitors taking part in an event.

To get a clearer picture of how an each-way payout works, let’s go back to our earlier example of Constitution Hill’s price of 1/4 to place in the top two positions of the Aintree Hurdle. Given that a £10 each-way bet was staked on this happening, you would receive £15 if Constitution Hill placed, as 1/4 of 10 is 2.5, and the horse’s overall odds of winning the race were 6/1. Therefore to calculate your each-way payout, you simply multiply 2.5 by six which would give you 15.

How does an each-way bet work in horse racing?

An each-way bet in horse racing is a popular type of bet that involves placing two bets on the same horse in one selection. The first part of the bet is on the horse winning the race while the second part of the bet is on the horse finishing in one of the top places that are being paid out.

How does an each-way bet work in football?

In football, an each-way bet typically means you are placing two bets on the same team in a single selection: one bet for the team to win the tournament or league and another bet for your chosen team to finish in either second or third place in the same competition.


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