US Open: Rickie Fowler record round inspired by ex-Leeds boss Bielsa

He's an incredible motivator - even across sports


Possible Leeds United owner Rickie Fowler shot a record-equaling round of 62 at the US Open on Thursday – and immediately credited the performance to the club’s legendary ex-manager Marcelo Bielsa.

The 34-year-old, as well known for his outlandish fashion sense as his unrealised potential, has been linked with a takeover of the Yorkshire club recently.

And, following his sensational opening round at the US Open in Los Angeles Country Club, the Texan swinger put his display down to finding out about the inspirational ex-manager.

“Hey guys, I don’t know much about soccer but my agent said Leeds United are one of the premiere franchises in the British major leagues.

“And their fans are primed to be milked dry by some city slick Americans, so that’s all good.”

Though the pro golfer had found himself going down a Youtube rabbit hole on the history of his prospective club to find out more about the beautiful game.

“Holy cow, man! Tony Yeboah! Million dollar goldfish?! Frank Lampard crying!!!

“These guys are wild!”

But one aspect of club history really caught his imagination.

“What about this Marcelo Bielsa guy – sure, I couldn’t understand a word he said but if he can get Patrick Bamford in an England squad he must be working miracles.”


Fowler explained that the Argentine coach’s idiosyncratic approach to the game has sparked a revolution in his golf.

“Look, this guy had spreadsheets coming out the wazoo on all of his opponents – I haven’t seen a guy so dedicated to his game since someone told Phil Mickelson being an asshole was an Olympic sport.”

“And the way he had those guys running out there – I’ve just done 15 laps of the course since I finished my round.

“Sure, I might be completely f**ked by the time it come to Sunday and winning the damn thing, but at least we’ll have all had a good time and we can worry about it being unsustainable, inefficient and costing me millions and millions of dollars at some later point.”

While the change in approach has paid dividends with his opening round performance, others at the LA Country Club course aren’t convinced Fowler’s play will hold up in the coming days.

“It’s great Rickie has found his game again, but man-to-man marking his playing partner around the course just isn’t sustainable,” one observer said.

“Someone’s going to knock him him out if he keeps stepping on their heels and grabbing their shirts when they’re trying to line up a shot.”

*Paddy Power’s football coverage is 100% fake news. Honest.

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