Golf Dead Heats: Paddy’s pay-out rules explained in full

Here's the skinny on how Paddy's payout rules for golf dead heats work.


You’ve studied the form, checked out the college record and remembered that stirring back nine at the Reykjavik Open 14 years ago. Your money is on and your punt does the job, picking up a hard-fought T9th and a heroic +2.

For big events Paddy pays out lots of places – sometimes up to 12 just like with the Open Championship, for example. So your 500/1 shot has done the business and you’re quids in. But how many quids in?

Shane Lowry The Masters Augusta November 15, 2020

The tournament could have 20 golfers tied for 9th place, so Paddy has a process to work out who gets paid and how much. Let us explain – we’ve even got a handy graphic to demonstrate.

The below table details the dead heat reduction (if any) on the place part of your bet and what returns you should be getting at various stakes. Where players were available at different prices before the event, those prices are all detailed.

If your stake is anything different to what’s detailed below, just multiply your unit stake by the return given for the placed selections at £/€ 1 EW (so x20 for 20ew etc).

So, as the graphic shows, the best-scoring top 11 players are paid out as normal based on their positions. As Paddy’s paying 12 places, everyone tied for 12th best will get paid.

However, the pay-out price is reduced because of the numbers qualifying. So in the case of the example graphic shown, the three players will get a share of the one remaining spot up for grabs in Paddy’s 12 places.

So, there you go. Everyone who makes it into, in this case, the top 11 gets paid, it’s just that the final qualifying players’ odds are divided by the number filling that spot.


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