Premier League Christmas Tat: Your essential 2022 gift guide

Yes, they really stuck a badge on it!

Boxing Day has many traditions such as cold turkey sandwiches, reluctantly visiting the in-laws, going shopping in the sales and, of course, Premier League football.

Having gone five weeks without topflight action, you’d be forgiven for being more excited than usual to travel 200 miles in the freezing cold to see your side get spanked 3-0.

However, it isn’t always about the result, it’s about the dedication and what your club means to you, so that’s why here at Paddy Power we’ve created the perfect list of last-minute Christmas gifts available at Premier League clubs.

If you are still unsure about what to get for that special someone, why not make their festive season one to truly remember by giving them one of these amazing gifts…

Man City Striker Double Duvet

Lads, if you are still haven’t bought something for the wife you need to look no further than this exquisite double duvet which reeks of class and sophistication.

Give the gift of sending your wife off to sleep with the man of her dreams in the bed of her dreams for just £35.

Arsenal Cat Flap Cover

Would you like to see a cat to lead Arsenal out at the Emirates Stadium? Now you can with this incredible cat flap cover.

Easy to fit on existing cat flaps, when the little fuzzball comes in from playing outside it will seem like they are appearing from the tunnel.

If you ask us, £12 is an unquestionable bargain to see a kitty follow in the footsteps of Tony Adams, Patrick Vieira and other famous Arsenal captains.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Arsenal added a little cat-captains armband to their range? Maybe in 2023.

Chelsea Dual Action Pump

Whether the aim is to pump up a bicycle tyre, a football, a paddling pool, or an airbed for when the in-laws decide to stay for five nights over the Christmas period, this Chelsea pump has you well and truly covered.

Having constant access to air as well as demonstrating a commitment to Chelsea, this pump kills two birds with one stone.

Fulham ‘Grow Your Own Craven Cottage Turf’ Seeds

£1 for a packet of seeds which encourages supporters to grow their own replica Craven Cottage grass.

If you’re feeling generous perhaps you could buy the Fulham fan in your life 15 bags and let them do out their entire back garden. Better still, buy them 100 bags and set them on the road to growing their own football pitch which could then be rented out as a training ground.

A lovely Christmas gift and a business opportunity at the same time.

Wolves Crest Heart Necklace

At Christmas, you tell the truth, and what better way to express your love for somebody than by giving them this heart-shaped necklace with the Wolves logo on it.

We guarantee that in that classic movie Love, Actually, if Mark had turned up at Keira Knightly’s door and given her this Wolves necklace instead of trying to woo her with 50 poorly written cards, they’d be living happily ever after round the corner from Molineux as we speak.

£30 to end up with the person of your dreams… no brainer.

Man United Cristiano Ronaldo T-Shirt

£4 for a t-shirt of a footballer who no longer plays for the club and left under horrible circumstances tarnishing his flawless reputation and annoying the fanbase.

Still, it’s only £4 so a true bargain in every sense of the word. Plus, it was £5 yesterday so likely to be £3 tomorrow.

Most United fans still pretend it is 2008 anyway, so chances are they’ll love it. Viva Ronaldo!

Everton Licenced Range Rover Remote Control Car

If you know a person bang into Everton and bang into Range Rovers, this is the gift for them.

They can rev up their passion for Everton with this replica car which displays the word ‘TOFFEES’ down the side and the club crest on the bonnet.

£20 if you use the gift code or £30 without, the recipient of this gift will be the envy of Merseyside.

Best of the rest

If you didn’t find what you were looking for above, perhaps something in this lot will be a better option.

A Newcastle Rubber Duck can make bath time even more enjoyable, This Liverpool Christmas Tie is great prep for the 2023 office Christmas party, while West Ham’s Dog Jumper ensures Rover or Sheba will remain warm and stylish on those cold winter days.

And a Brighton Beach Ball could be fun during those two weeks of sun we get each year in the UK as well as being a perfect accompaniment with the Chelsea Pump and if your da is Graham Potter.

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