Ronaldo: Phil Neville can still come for tea

Always was his favourite Neville tbf


Cristiano Ronaldo said he would ‘still have dinner’ with Philip Neville, in yet another revelation from his bombshell interview with Piers Morgan.

The Portuguese made the startling admission during his yet-to-be-aired interview with Morgan after he was asked which former United teammates he would invite around for dinner.

MUNICH, GERMANY – JUNE 18: Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal looks on during the Portugal Training Session ahead of the UEFA Euro 2020 Group F match between Portugal and Germany at Fussball Arena Muenchen on June 18, 2021 in Munich, Germany. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)

At the beginning of the show, Morgan asks the 37-year-old: ‘Why are you doing this interview with me?’.

To which Ronaldo replies: ‘Because I was desperate for 90 minutes, simple as that’.

Discussing which of his ex-teammates he’d still dine with, the former Sporting Lisbon whizz-kid said:

‘Phil Neville can still come for his tea’.

‘He two-footed me around the neck at Goodison one time but at least he isn’t trying to get famous by chatting sh*t about me on the tele’.

Asked what they might have to eat, the striker said:

‘Knowing Philip, he’ll want something bland like a chippy tea’.

‘I hope he does not smother the chips with curry sauce because I would find this incredibly disrespectful’.

‘Maybe Phil pours curry over everything to annoy me because I am better looking than him?’.

Ronaldo went on to name some other former Old Trafford teammates he’d still dine with.

‘Rio and Patrice, because they do not criticise me. Even when I refuse to come on as sub and walk out of the stadium, they will still call me the GOAT’.


‘As long as you continually shower me with praise and never ever call me out on my petulant behaviour, you are always welcome at my table’.

Meanwhile, when the former Real Madrid legend was asked if there were any other ex-teammates, aside from Wayne Rooney, he wouldn’t share a meal with, he replied:

‘Oh, easy. Anderson’.

Paddy Power’s breaking news coverage is just complete nonsense, every word of it. Honest.


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