Peter Crouch: I’d love to see Jude Bellingham in a Liverpool shirt

They couldn't get him before the window closes... could they?


Injuries are key to Liverpool’s situation at the moment.

We saw a couple of years ago when they had big injuries to important players they struggled to make the Champions League after winning the title the season before.

The midfield especially is suffering now. Thiago is a big miss for them. Fabinho’s not fully fit either and there are others.

But that’s still not an excuse for Old Trafford. United were bang on it and got the result.

It’s been a disappointing start for Liverpool and there’s been a huge reaction to these few games but I think that shows how incredibly fickle we can be in football.

United were the worst thing going until Monday night and now they’ve won one game and suddenly they’re back on track.

It’s madness really. Where Liverpool and United are as clubs is still miles apart.

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Liverpool Won’t Panic

Saying that, Casemiro’s still a great signing for them. He’ll definitely improve their midfield, which means they’re strengthening a key area of weakness.

Liverpool have never panic-bought under this regime and I can’t see them doing it now. I think they’ll stick to their game plan in the transfer market.

They’ll pursue the targets they want but there won’t be a kneejerk reaction to a few bad results.

United have made panic signings quite a bit in the past and often made mistakes giving away lengthy contracts on big money just to get someone in the door.

Liverpool could still do with player or two, but they have to be the right players.

I’d love to see Jude Bellingham in Liverpool shirt, obviously. He might be a bit too expensive right now for them so they might have to look elsewhere.

Milner v Van Dijk

It’s worth saying United’s first goal was a great piece of skill from Jadon Sancho.

To have that presence of mind in the box is pure class.

I’m not sure I’d blame either James Milner or Virgil van Dijk for it.

They’re two very different characters. One threw himself into trying to block the shot, while the other is just as committed to winning, but doesn’t dive in as much.

Bollockings like the “discussion” they had after the goal happen every single day in training and regularly for any team.

I wouldn’t read anything into it at all.

In fact, I like seeing reactions like that. It’s a good thing for the squad and the club to see that because it shows how much it matters.

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