Paddy Power sends Jamie Redknapp face-to-face with football Twitter trolls



Sarcasm used to be the lowest form of wit but that’s no longer true. There’s a new plague of dullards on the scene and they’re already clogging up your Twitter feed.

They go by mysterious names like PogbaSkillz, Man3Magic, xxClassKepaxx___ and Xhaka_Sense. All absolute nonsense, especially the last. But what is the point of these inane trolls and just how unhealthy is their weird obsession with footballers?

And why do they keep saying Ratio?

To try and unravel why these people, not all of whom are 12 years old apparently, dedicate every waking moment to arguing with other like-minded individuals, official club accounts and normal people, Paddy’s sent Jamie Redknapp back to the coalface of football’s oddest oddities.

After last week’s mission to investigate the bizarre world of football half-and-half scarves, Jamie’s back once again with his trusty clipboard.

The ex-Liverpool and Spurs midfielder turned hard-nosed journalist visits the seedy bedroom of one such troll, Rodney, to try and get some, any, sense.

Among the sticky socks and leftover takeaways, Jamie meets the self-proclaimed inventor of the phrase ‘Manure’ who calls strangers on the internet virgins, on average, 57 times a day.

To help our intrepid reporter, serious medical professional, Dr Pepper, offers her expert opinion on Football Twitter Syndrome (FTS) and their desperate need for attention.

Jamie worst fears were answered after asking the killer question… ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’

Some mysteries will never be solved but our man does manage to hit on one eternal truth when dealing with those afflicted by FTS.

Block and move on. Block and move on.

Wise words, Jamie.



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