Paddy Power gets inside the head of the Premier League’s top managers with Conor Moore

Want to know what the Premier League's top gaffers are REALLY thinking? Well Paddy could have a plan - with the help of impressionist Conor 'Sketches' Moore


Paddy’s saying hello to the return of the Premier League this Saturday with a press conference of various managers chatting ahead of the new season.

Sort of.

Master mimic Conor ‘Sketches’ Moore has been drafted in by the punter’s pal to answer the tough questions like, does Jurgen Klopp seem like such a great fella just because he’s winning all the time? What is the secret of Frank Lampard’s meteoric rise to the top of the managerial game? And has Jose got a remote for his TV yet?


It’s time to find out what some of our favourite faces in management – from the Ginger Mourinho Sean Dyche to the actual Mourinho, Lamps, Kloppo and more – are really thinking…

The Premier League is back next weekend – get the latest odds on

Plus, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer shares his plans to ensure Man United get plenty of penalties this season, while Mikel Arteta ponders his thick and lustrous hair.

Our own impressionist extraordinaire, Paddy Power, said: “What better way to bring in the return of the Premier League, than by mimicking some of its very best characters?”

“Any video which perfectly depicts Sean Dyche eating a worm is alright by me – and if anyone knows what shampoo and conditioner Mikel Arteta uses, please do let me know immediately.”

The Premier League is back next weekend – get the latest odds on

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