Watch: Charlton fan celebrates last minute winner by mincing his own player – in the goolies

Ah sure he's only on loan from Arsenal.....


Football has the ability, at any single moment, to just unconsciously take hold of your body and send you into wild convulsions of ecstasy. One minute you’re sitting down wondering why in God’s name did you bother making the trip to the match, the next you’re hurtling over the pitch side hoarding to celebrate recklessly with the players. We love it!

Well, the jubilation after Charlton’s injury-time winning penalty against Accrington Stanley gave us one of the best we’ve seen, all down to one very roused fan. Check out the fella who enters the frame to the right in the brown jacket. His on-pitch celebration didn’t go exactly to plan as he slipped approaching the melee and ended up catching central defender Krystian Bielik directly in the crown jewels – studs up.

To be fair to him, running on grass in trainers can very regularly result in a good snotting and also it looked like he did want to actually apologise but just got ushered away too quickly. What a memory that lad will have to cherish and show the grandkids.

And sure Bielik’s only on loan from Arsenal, no harm done mate.

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