Watch: Tekkers! Saturday was a bloopers masterclass, taught by Rose, Ronaldo and Charlie D

Why is it you get so much satisfaction when professionals make a complete pigs breakfast?......


It’s a pretty common occurrence on a Saturday to meet your mates for a pint and then at some point discuss a couple of worldy goals. ‘Did you see John McGinn’s (insert any worldy here) goal today? F*ckin outrageous, look it up there, unbelievable.’ And a beautiful sense of appreciation and satisfaction ensues after watching it.

Well that level of appreciation and satisfaction pales in comparison to when you witness professional sports people make an atypical spectacular failure in some way, shape or form. And today the blooper gods blessed us with a few.

First up, Tottenham’s loyal and modest second choice left back, Danny Rose. After getting himself into a good position in Burnley’s half, Rose delivered one of the greatest crossing fails of all time. Just watch and appreciate:

Next up, another humble character in world football, Cristiano Ronaldo. His attempt at a shot on goal, from a rolled free kick was a thing of incredible beauty.

The only thing that’s more surprising of how utterly shit it was, was that he didn’t pretend it was a cross and berate his team mates for not getting on the end of it.

The final spot on Saturday’s bloopers masterclass goes to Charlie Daniels. After viewing it at least 7 times we still have no idea what he actually meant to do. We asked Eddie Howe after the game and he said ‘f*ck knows’. But this cross-field assist was right from the top drawer. Super Charles, superb.

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