AEW All In Wrestling: Our man at Wembley relives epic show

Seamus Dunne gives us the low down on last weekend's epic AEW All IN Wembley show.

Chris Jericho


What if I told you that the biggest wrestling event ever took place in Wembley England on Sunday… and it wasn’t WWE!

It was in fact AEW All IN, the four-year-old company owned by Tony Khan, who’s family also own Fulham FC and Jacksonville Jaguars, ran its first stadium show to a packed crowd of over 80 thousand people and featured such names as, Chris Jericho, Sting, Christian and CM Punk.

I was there and here’s my top 10 moments from the biggest wrestling show of all time at Wembley Stadium!

Chris Jericho singing his way to the ring

To diehard and casual fans alike, Chris Jericho is a household name. For AEW’S first ever stadium show and first show in the UK, he decided he would sing his theme music to the ring, (Chris is also the frontman of rock band FOZZY). Chris walked to the ring singing his band’s hit song ‘Judas’ as 80k wrestling fans joined in. Not quite Liveaid but quite epic all the same.

Stadium Stampede

This has to be seen to be believed and it is not for the faint of heart! 10 wrestlers fighting their way across Wembley Stadium with brutal and often hilarious results. Our very own Session Moth Martina (really popular Dublin wrestler, watch out for her) even made an appearance as a barmaid back stage as the lads tore strips off each other. Matches like these would remind you of the peak WWE Attitude era days, over the top violence and crimson masks a plenty. We need a Croke Park Stadium Stampede.


No, not the man from the Police, Sting is a legendary wrestler (up there with The Undertaker) who still wrestles in the squared circle at the tender age of 64. He has been wrestling since the 80’s and his style and look, inspired by the movie The Crow, has become iconic. Sting gives zero focals and is living his best life putting guys half his age through tables in front of packed crowds. Sting and his wild protégé Darby Allin picked up the win in this coffin match v Swerve Strickland and Christian Cage (just Christian in WWE). Check out Sting and Darby’s superb entrance with Metalllica’s ‘Seek And Destroy’ as theme music.

Tony Khan

The Acclaimed

Props to the tag team The Acclaimed who have successfully made phrases such as ‘scissor me’ and ‘scissor me daddy ass’ overtly popular with wrestling fans. The Acclaimed are made up of Max Caster and Anthony Bowens and, I know there are still some DX fans alive and well in our small island, Bad Ass Billy Gunn! For Acclaimed entrances, Max Caster raps to the ring often berating his opponents, on this occasion the cult House Of Black were his victims. The verbal assault contained references to Prince Andrew and Harry Potter!

CM Punk

Think of somebody in popular culture that divides opinion, Ryan Tubridy, Stephen Kenny, Roy Keane… CM Punk is all of these people but times a 1000. The legendary wrestler who famously returned to the ring in 2021 after a seven year absence never seems to be too far away from controversy. Allegedly he was involved in a backstage fight with Jungleboy Jack Perry on Sunday, (son of famous actor Luke Perry) before Punk went out to his match with Samoa Joe.

This is not Mr Punk’s first rodeo as there was a massive brawl backstage last year at PPV ‘All Out’ that also involved his good self. Apparently he is now suspended, along with Jungle Boy, which would be the second time in the last 18 months. Maybe AEW owner Tony Khan might have to do a Sir Alex Ferguson and send him to Celtic… or WWE.

The crowd

Absolutely brilliant atmosphere, the UK, Irish, and European crowd can be so witty and entertaining with their chants, one example being an advertisement for Fulham v Tottenham (AEW owner Tony Khan has affiliations with Fulham and Jacksonville Jaguars) being unmercilessly booed. Another being the crowd getting on the back of wrestler Cash Wheeler who was recently allegedly involved in a road rage incident stateside, ‘Please Cash don’t shoot me’ roared by thousands!

CM Punk

Saraya winning women’s title in her home country

Saraya, who hails from Norwich England and was known as Paige in WWE, won the women’s title in a fatal four way match in front of her family and home country with over 80,000 people roaring her on – not a bad night’s work! Saraya famously had to retire from wrestling in 2018 due to a serious neck injury, but she did not give up, she made a comeback, she was cleared by doctors, and now she’s a champion. The movie ‘Fighting with my family’ which features The Rock Dwayne Johnson, is based on Saraya’s life, there might have to be a sequel.

The main event

Ali v Frazier, Hogan v The Rock, Dublin v Kerry, Caragh v Kevins, Mcgregor v Diaz, and now MJF v Adam Cole baybay! Ok, that might be slight hyperbole. However, in my mediocre-to-average opinion, this main event was art, and should be hung in the louvre. Old fashioned story-telling between two of the best on the scene at the moment. Pure Drama that you wouldn’t find in the Queen Vic, Rovers Return or even McCoy’s.

MJF is just 27 years of age and, when its all said and done, he could go down as one of the best to ever do it. Blasphemy you say? Look up some of his promo work on Youtube. There was also a brilliant moment in this match where both wrestlers referenced the late great Eddie Guerrero, in hilarious fashion. I was well and truly sports entertained… don’t try this at home though.

Bray Wyatt

Tributes to recently deceased wrestler Bray Wyatt

Full disclosure, I am quite a big wrestling fan as you may have gathered, and WWE wrestler Bray Wyatt was one of my favourites. He passed away suddenly last week due to heart issues coupled with Covid. He was just 36 years of age. Bray took on legendary wrestlers such as Undertaker and John Cena over the years and was acclaimed for his creepy cult leader persona, his amazing creativity, and his ability on the microphone, which often had him linked to a Hollywood career post wrestling.

Several wrestlers had subtle tributes to Bray during their performances, whether that be a black armband with his name on it, or carrying his famous lantern to the ring. At one stage during the event thousands of people sang ‘he’s got the whole world, in his hands’, a song that Bray would often reference in his promos in WWE. Bray will be truly missed by everybody in the wrestling business, a legend, and the lantern may have gone out but the fireflies will burn bright forever making him immortal.

Its happening again next year!

Who needs Wrestlemania? Ha! All In will be returning to Wembley next year on Bank Holiday Sunday (in the UK) the 25th of August. You can sign up to a waiting list at present that will let you know when tickets are on sale. When Tony Khan booked Wembley for AEW, many in the wrestling world mocked him saying they would struggle to sell 40k tickets, a Vince Mcmahon wannabe…

I had doubts myself that it was the right decision. This, in my opinion, was a pretty epic show. Was it perfect? Absolutely not, but I’ve never seen a Wrestlemania that was perfect either. This was the first stadium show for a company that didn’t exist four years ago – mind-boggling. Over 80,000 tickets sold and I would guess they will sell more next year with more potential big names appearing like Jeff Hardy, Edge, Sasha Banks/Mercedes Moné. It is great to see wrestling flourishing for both the big companies, and if anybody tells you its fake… tell them you have two words for them… SCISSOR ME!


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