Exclusive: Jimmy Kimmel to host Oscars inside shark cage amid slap fears

Safety first


Jimmy Kimmel will host this year’s Oscars inside a shark cage to protect himself from angry actors, Paddy Power News can exclusively reveal.

The late-night host is emceeing the ceremony for the third time as the Oscars seeks to move on from the moment of notoriety that defined last year’s telecast when Will Smith ‘slapped the sh*t’ out of Chris Rock.

Fearful that rapper Smith or another disgruntled celebrity might take umbrage at something he says, Kimmel is hosting the 95th Academy Awards from the safety of a shark-proof cage.

Oscars chiefs have also equipped the 55-year-old with other self-defence tools including tranquiliser darts, pepper spray and a cattle prod.

Discussing the precautionary measures with Paddy Power News, the New York comedian told us:

‘These are the same tranquiliser darts they used on Russell Crowe after they cut short his BAFTAs acceptance speech’.

‘Plus, I have a lot of Dwayne Johnson material this year, so the cage is just common sense really’.

Reflecting on the Smith-Rock incident at last year’s awards ceremony, Kimmel said:

‘It was the most despicable, most disgusting thing Will has done since Wild Wild West’.

‘Chris was lucky he wasn’t hosting the Oscars in the 80s when that sh*t went down’.

‘He could’ve been slapped in the mouth by a prime Stallone or Schwarzenegger. Instead, he got hit by the guy who sang ‘Gettin Jiggy Wit it’.

‘I dunno if he deserved to be slapped for the joke about Jada’s head but he’s had it coming since Grown Ups 2’.

Meanwhile, after scooping his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor, Colin Farrell says he’ll celebrate with a ‘big bag of cans with the lads’ if he wins.

‘C’mon you boys in green’, roared the Dublin-born actor, as he sauntered along the red carpet with a bulging blue plastic bag filled with tins of lager.

Rumours suggest the Irishman may attend the ceremony dressed as an inflatable tri-colour hammer.

*Paddy Power’s breaking news coverage is 110% nonsense and that’s the truth. Honest.



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