Paddy Power’s 2021 value report: £300 MILLION given to punters – and there’s more to come in 2022!

Paddy's generosity knows no bounds - literally.


2021 might not go down in the history books as the most wild and carefree of all time – but it was another reward-packed year for Paddy’s punters with the big man giving away millions courtesy of free bets, extra places, boosted odds, Justice Payouts and free spins.

Sorry, did we say millions? We meant hundreds of millions.

It’s not just his rugged good looks, copious craic, luscious locks and sage advice that gets thrown around for free, there’s some actually some pretty useful things as well.

Things like £20m worth of free bets on horse racing as well as £100m worth of Best Odds Guaranteed payouts on the GG’s. Paddy’s punters also benefitted to the tune of £27m because of generous Extra Places payouts.

There’s also the small matter of Paddy’s Rewards Club which has given out a whopping £50m in the last 12 months alone. Paddy’s Reward Club dishes out free bets every week for qualifying bettors. This is one club that Covid can’t shut down.

Paddy’s also given away enough freebies to buy half a backup Manchester City defender. That’s right, over £40m in total during 2021. That’s a generous £22.5m in Free Bet Builders and £18.5m to punters who have been let down by one leg of their four-fold+ acca on qualifying bets.

Just don’t waste it all on Nathan Ake now.

Oh, there’s also £1.4m in 2 Up You Win which is an automatic green tick for your selection if the team you backed goes two goals clear in any game.

The list goes on. There’s £1.5m in Justice Payouts where Paddy puts on his crime-fighting cape and matching spandex body suit to ride to the rescue of bettors wronged by the sporting gods. A prime example is Lewis Hamilton getting robbed in the F1 recently.

Everyone who backed him to win the F1 Drivers’ championship got paid – even if the race director decided that wasn’t going to be the result after all.

Justice Refund

Paddy also put his hands in his pocket to dish out some dosh on those who backed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to get the boot nice and early so we could all move on with or lives and not worry about Watford nipping in first.

On top of all of this we had Paddy’s traders chomping at the bit to deliver the best value in the business with their Turbo prices. A monster £48m was paid out at enhanced price thanks to their generosity. In completely unrelated news, they’re soon earmarked for the windowless basement alongside the tech boffins.

It’s not just football and racing, though. Across all other sports on the planet £12.4m was handed to Paddy’s punters via the magnificent medium of free bets. Darts, NFL, cricket – you name it.

Off to the wonderful world of Paddy Power Games next where the big wins keep on coming. Paddy’s punters won £10.6m in jackpots alone in 2021. In terms of freebies, we saw a staggering 37.6 million Free Wonder Wheel Spins and a monster £3m was won on Beat The Drop.

Well done to you, you clever sausages.

So, while 2021 might have been a bit ‘meh’ in general, Paddy tried to deliver belting value for all his punters across all sports and games. There was over £123.4m given out in free bets alone.

That’s almost one-and-a-quarter Jack Grealishes! It was another £177.9m, that’s two Harry Maguires (actually, that doesn’t make it sound that impressive) in promotions such as boosted prices and Best Odds Guaranteed.

And you know the best bit? Paddy’s going to try and smash those record again in 2022. Bring it on.

Full breakdown

Racing Free Bets – £20m
Racing Best Odds Guaranteed – £100m
Racing Extra Places – £27m
Paddy’s Rewards Club Free Bets – £50m
Beat The Drop – £3m
Free Bet Builders – £22.5M
Acca Insurance – £18.2M
2 up – £1.4m
Justice Payouts – £1.5m
Enhanced Prices – £48m paid out in winnings
All Other Sports Free Bets – £12.4m
Total amount in jackpots – £10,637,057.68
Total Free Wonder Wheel Spins – 37,575,159


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