Trump Card: Betting on Casey Mirrors US Presidential Election Levels

We're getting déjà vu in the office here. Uh oh.....


Here in Power Tower, with all the latest rumours circulating, we’ve come to the conclusion that there’s pretty little chance controversial presidential candidate Peter Casey will pull the plug on his campaign.

In fact, his comeback in the betting has been nothing short of Trump-esque. Shocked? Well personally I’ve seen stranger things!

Anyway, according to our odds, it’s extremely likely the former Dragon will remain in the race come Monday, after we opened up the betting on the chances of him withdrawing.


Not only do we think he won’t withdraw but betting surrounding the Irish businessman has hit ridiculous levels in recent hours, putting Casey right up there with the numbers during Donald Trump’s 2016 US Presidential Campaign. We’ve heard lots of comparisons being made between the two in recent days, but nothing prepared us for the similarities we have seen in our betting patterns.

At peak rate we were seeing 100 bets per hour across the last 48 hours on Peter Casey as he continued to dominate the news cycle.

That’s right up there with Trumpy when we compared their figures a week out from the US Presidential Election two years ago. The similarities are as surprising as they are daunting!

Casey looks certain to brazen his way through to the finish line, despite the unprecedented comments made by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar who clearly isn’t a fan! It’s currently a 1/5 shot, that Peter WON’T release a statement officially confirming his withdrawal from the race come Monday.

This comes after a statement this morning maintained that he would be taking the weekend to consider his candidacy, in the wake of a media storm surrounding his comments about the Travelling community.

And the chances of him becoming Ireland’s next President has yo-yoed dramatically in recent hours, drifting out to 200/1 before the price had to be chopped to a far more likely 100/1, with prices changing by the minute.

As we all know, anything that can happen! See you at the circus….

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